Activity contents

I sell the following mainly.


(1930), the corporation cokind garden were founded as “cointerest seed and sapling garden” in 1930.
In the Higashikozasa, Sosa-shi area, the production of young plants was prosperous from those days, and the production of young plants which were for the forest in us was the main force.
I established corporation cokind garden soon after the war and undertook it mainly on work in hometown and Chiba and produced a garden plant, bonsais.

I establish Kyo Malle garden plant market Ltd. in (1998) in 1998 and hold a garden plant market.
I start the export of garden plant, bonsais to China in (2004) in 2004. There is not the supplier who exports it to China even if I put it in prosperous Chiba of a garden plant, the bonsai production, and it is in those days with the company which began export ahead of other companies. I begin the export to Taiwan, Korea, the EU countries at the same time, and, as for the export business, it is with our main force duties now.

(2008), Koichi Ebato take office as the president for the fourth generation in 2008. I reach it at the present.

garden plant and bonsai

I bring about a garden plant, a bonsai of high quality of the cokind garden. I prepare for all kinds of garden plants, bonsais. A garden plant, the bonsai can feel a beautiful change and beating of the life that nature weaves through the four seasons. The evaluation is high out of Japan, and, not to mention Japan, a specialized magazine and a garden plant, the university of the bonsai, an art museum exist. I am said to be “live art”, and many people are attracted now. Because you can provide “Ueki” “bonsai” wanting “cokind garden” of the best export in Japan, please refer by all means.


I keep it in mind to arrive abroad safely. There are the results to never have any problem for 80 years. Quantity exporting abroad is number one in Japan about a garden plant, the bonsai.

Loading technique

Correspondence is possible in the requirements of every import of garden plant, bonsais country including quarantine inspection, the inspection of the damage from disease and harmful insects. I make full use of every technique to be able to tolerate a long voyage in the transportation to the foreign countries.

Kind of the container

The open top

In the case of normal loading, the product from the open top top comes to include it.
Flat rack

In the case of a big tree, it becomes the loading work in the port in a flat rack.
Reefing jacket

You can also carry refrigerated.